Tee Time

Lockdown has not been good for the more sport loving among us so it is so pleasing to hear that many of our customers have finally managed to get out onto the golf course.

Reports back suggest it is better to avoid the bunkers if you are playing the afternoon or evening as they are not allowed to be raked!

If you are a member of The Berkshire, check out our belts in the shop the next time you are there. Paul the pro and his staff will happily help you and it makes a change (in our humble opinion!) from the standard fare you might bring back.

We are told the club used to be called The Royal Berkshire until Edward VII was not allowed to bring his caddy into the clubhouse. Apparently, he took out his revenge in this fashion but we would love someone to confirm this!

Of course, if you are a member of the Old Etonian Golfing Society, you might leave home with one design and come back with 2!

Golf is a sport with a dress code and we think rightly so – it is all about respecting the institution you are lucky enough to be a member or guest of. Well, what is smarter and compliments a nice polo shirt, pair of chinos and golf shoes than a Manyatta Golf belt?

We are so excited about a creation for one particular golf club – mum’s the word but we are close to being able to formally announce it – watch this space!

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