Manyatta was created in 2014 by Stuart Squire and he was later joined by his business partner Theo Shepherd-Smith.

Stuart had lived and worked in Kenya previously and through a connection, commissioned a beaded belt in his club (MCC) colours.

Many of his colleagues admired it and he was asked to create for another club, then another, then another. Word quickly spread.

So he realised there was potential to create real employment in Maasailand by forming a company specialising in beaded belts for clubs, school, regiments and associations.

He knew that with ties falling out of fashion, this was an excellent way of showing affiliation to a particular organisation. Hence the strapline:

‘The old club tie is not a tie at all; it’s a Manyatta belt.’

Manyatta is now an official supplier to hundreds of associations (including some of the most prestigious and iconic sports and private members’ clubs) and the list is growing every week.

The UK is naturally their primary client base but more and more overseas clubs (particularly in the United States) have commissioned belts in their own colours.

By combining the best of Maasai and British tradition, Manyatta has ensured continuous employment in a highly skilled but impoverished community, while producing belts much admired by their customers.

By purchasing a Manyatta belt, it is unquestionably a win-win!