Stowed Away to Kenya

There are many aspects of the business that we love but for me, it is probably the marriage of 2 great traditions.

This photo sums it up – here we have represented one of the great and arguably most beautiful public schools of England, Stowe School, alma mater of among others, the currently controversial Richard Branson.

It is said he was happy to bankroll a new girls boarding house if they named it after his company!

Other alumni include Leonard Cheshire, Sir Peregrine Worsthorne, David Niven and the late Prince Rainier of Monaco.

The main house was once the seat of the Duke of Buckingham before becoming Stowe School in 1923.

The colours of its Old Stoic tie are being perfectly reimagined onto one of our beaded belts. The belt has aleady proved popular and we would be delighted to take orders for any more Old Stoics out there.

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