Hare Today

When we commissioned our wonderful team of beaders in Kenya to create some British animal designs, we were unsure if they would be successful.

After all, replicating an animal in beads entirely by hand is surely a rare skill? Surely it could be equated with high quality artwork anywhere? So surely impossible?

We were fairly astounded when the next day, Rose sent her first draft of a hare on a piece of scrap leather. It was as perfect as anyone could realistically expect.

Within a week, the Bicester and Whaddon had ordered many of this design.

One of the beautiful things about this particular line of belts is that you can choose in whatever 2 colours you would like, for the same price as any of our other belts.

Red hare on blue background? No problem, ma’am.

Green hare on yellow background? Right away, sir.

They have already proved popular and this is primarily due to the skill of the beaders in Kenya – see if you can reproduce a hare with your beadwork skills and we will be highly impressed!

These are available to order either through our ‘design your own’ tab or simply by emailing us at info@manyatta.co. It really is as simple as that.

Why not treat yourself or, even better, it’s the perfect birthday or Christmas present for anyone who has a love for the Great British countryside.


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