Royal St George's Golf Club

We are delighted to officially announce our Royal St George's Golf Club belt. To have so many orders from one of the most distinguished golf clubs in the world is a great honour for us.

We are very grateful for the support of certain Royal St George's members who not only suggested a belt in the first place but have enthusiastically followed progress and helped with the design aspects.

Sometimes it can be quite challenging to get the exact colours the first time around (fortunately it's only a minority!) and this one took a few goes.

The Royal St George's colours are quite specific - not only that, we discovered that the first shade of red simply didn't stand out and needed a brighter shade.

Thanks also go to Justen Fiddler, the Royal St George's Professional, who sent out a wonderful, dedicated email about our Maasai beaded belt. The response was phenomenal and we look forward to as many members wearing their belt both at Royal St George's Golf Club and wherever else they may be.

The beaders in Kenya are working hard to get them all here next week. 

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