Harrow Wanderers

Not only is it great to have a new belt for the website but there is a particular pride when it is one of the foremost old boys' cricket clubs.

Eton and Harrow are arguably the 2 most famous schools in the world and now we have a match on the Manyatta website - will Eton Ramblers or Harrow Wanderers prove more popular in terms of sales?

Eton Ramblers have quite a first innings lead so let's see if the Wanderers can catch up!

Our thanks go to Nick, the club member who designed the Maasai belt and Andrew who approved the prototype and has worn it out and about. 

It is about to be launched on various Old Harrovian social media platforms and there is a discount code for all OHs who receive the news. 

The only slight problem is that we took this photo the wrong way up - the yellow stripe stripe is at the top. Oh well!


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