When to wear your Manyatta belt - part 3 - ROWING (27.01.21)

This post concludes the current series of 'When to wear your Manyatta belt' although more are planned to highlight the range of sports we have created for.

As in the previous 2 blogs, the simple answer is......anytime!

We accept, however, that our colourful Maasai belts look particularly good in the warmer months, when the jacket can be discarded and the quality of the leather and the beading can be fully appreciated.

This is also the time the membership of your club can be subtly but clearly revealed.

There are many rowing tournaments throughout the world and throughout the year but there is one that stands head and shoulders above the rest...... the Henley Royal Regatta.

This is run over several days in late June and into July, when, hopefully, our weather is at its finest!

The racing is taken extremely seriously by the crews but it is also without doubt one of the highlights of the British social season.

It is a time when dressing in colourful blazers and club caps is encouraged; in fact, the dress code is almost unique.

So what better than making your Manyatta leather belt part of your bright attire?

We have created for 2 of the most historic rowing clubs in the UK - Eton Vikings and The Elizabethan (Old Westminsters) Boat Club.

In fact, it is entirely appropriate that these are our first 2 rowing clubs as this is also the oldest boat race in the world.

Not only that, the first commission came an oar's length before the other - but which came first? Probably better not to reveal but the age-old rivalry continues with the wearing of Manyatta Maasai belts!

That said, you do not have to be part of a rowing club to visit and enjoy Henley - it is a time when you can wear your old school or regiment belt with equal pride. 

The photo shows our Eton Vikings belt, approved by members.

So if you are going to the Henley Royal Regatta this year, make sure you take your Manyatta belt - it's the perfect time and, we like to think, you will receive plenty of admiring glances!

The old Boat Club tie is not a tie at all; it's a Manyatta belt.


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