When to wear your Manyatta belt (part 2) - GOLF (25.01.21)

The last blog covered when to wear your Manyatta cricket beaded belt and we now switch to a sport loved by many cricketers - golf.

So, when should you wear your Manyatta belt? I suppose the answer is obvious and yet the frustrations of lockdown have prevented the wearing of your golf belt on the golf course!

As with the vast majority of our belts, we have designed the golf club Manyatta on the club tie and the singularly most popular seller has been to what is arguably England's most prestigious club - Royal St George's.

This historic club has hosted some of the most famous tournaments in the world and this year will be the venue for The Open. We are naturally hoping that those members attending The Open will sport their Royal St George's Manyatta leather belt!

Naturally, we are particularly proud of how well received this belt has been by the members but we have created for other incredibly distinguished golf clubs - the photo accompanying this blog is by kind permission of The Berkshire Golf Club (and Alex the coach, even if I would recommend a lighter pair of chinos to highlight the belt!).

There are also many golfing societies we have created beaded belts for and these have given us equal pleasure. These have included The Old Etonian Golfing Society, The London solicitors Golfing Society, The Old Bailey Judges Golfing Society and The Oxford and Cambridge Golfing Society.

So, if you have a passion for golf, or merely like to play a round every now and again, why not order a Maasai belt on behalf of your club or society? 

We look forward to your enquiry - get ready now for when lockdown is over and golf is firmly back on the sporting agenda!

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