Monarch (Eton College)


Monarch is the name given to the lead boat in the annual Procession of the Boats which takes place on '4th June'.

Monarch is a unique boat with ten oarsmen including the Captain of the Boats, the Ninth Man in the Monarch, the Captain of the School and the Captain of the Oppidans.

The Monarch belt is based on the colours worn by them on 4th June and is in a vertical design of white and dark blue stripes.

All of our belts are hand beaded in Kenya by the Maasai, using an average of 6000 beads.

We use the highest quality leather to ensure our belts are extremely long lasting and durable.

This belt is 1.5 inches wide.




We believe in being totally honest with our customers. Like a bespoke suit or pair of shoes, outstanding craftsmanship takes time. When the order is placed, the mamas in Kenya start beading your belt, utilising their cultural and ancestral skills. Once this is complete, the belt is sent to us in the UK. For this reason, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Trust us - it is utterly worth the wait!

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