The latest delivery.........

Winging its way to us (and we always can't wait to get our hands on them!) is this latest batch of belts.

In addition to needing new stock of our traditional belts, this new shipment includes: the Royal Lancers, Old Wykehamists, Eton Vikings, Buck's Club, Old Etonians, the Royal Company of Archers, Chelsea Arts Club, the Royal Agricultural University and some which we can't announce yet.

Our Kenyan beaders have done a wonderful job and we can't thank them enough for their skill and expertise. 

I did consider cropping this photo but I believe it highlights wonderfully the contrast between where the belts are made and where they end up. They are not made in anonymous, polluting factories but mostly in back yards.

Please remember, every order genuinely creates income where there is none.

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Traditional Belts