Successful trip to Kenya!

It's been a while since the last blog, partly because Theo and I have been away in Kenya.

We could easily have blogged every day during our week long trip but I was once told never to announce publicly when away from home - incredibly, there are people out there who can work out empty homes!

The highlight of the trip? Well for Theo, probably his upgrade to business class because he just happened to mention to one of the cabin crew that it was quite crowded in economy. Can you believe it?

The real highlight, however, for me, is a toss up between work and play.

For work, finding a new house for our supplier from which she can bring various aspects of the process into one place in order to increase the speed of production and the number of belts made.

It's a great, peaceful place near the river, perfect for her and George, her son. Close enough for beaders and bucklers to move to and work there from their original workplace and comfortable for her to live happily.

For play, well it's hard to beat feeding a rhino! We had a fantastic quick break at Sweetwaters on Ol Pejeta Ranch near Nanyuki (the only downside is they massively overcharged us and it's now a month.......emailing every day......hey ho.......).

Nonetheless, seeing lion up close, as well as elephant, other rhino, buffalo, eland, hartebeest, as well as the cute warthogs.......well, it was a tremendous experience and I didn't realise how much I missed Kenya.

We also managed to catch up with old friends or meet friends of friends, as well as meeting other potential suppliers, all of whom were impressive.

If you ever need a driver, do get in touch. Since leaving Kenya, I have always used Paul, recommended by friends. Driving is not for the faint-hearted and he is quite outstanding. Most of our budget went on him but he was still far cheaper than flying and so, so safe. He has also struggled for business due to Covid and I'd love to support him more.

Theo took roughly a million photos so hopefully we will upload to the website and social media in the coming weeks and days.

Maybe another excuse to go to Kenya will crop up in the near future but for now, it's the UK for a while!

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