Scottish road trip (part 2)

The following morning took me to the superb coastline of Fife.

I had a meeting at the spectacular new Dumbarnie Links Golf Club on which I have been reliably told has had £30 million splashed on it.

Clearly it is already attracting the sports stars - Stuart Broad nodded hello to me as he walked off to the first hole. Personally I think he should be in the West Indies but that's another story...........

Time will tell if we create a Dumbarnie but we agreed a design and let's see!

After a quick stroll on the beach and a coffee at The Ship in Elie, it was off to 'cold call' Elie House Golf Club. Not my favourite thing to do, it doesn't come naturally but fortunately the impressively polite and enthusiastic pro was interested in a design. Again, a case of 'watch this space'.

Time to leave the beautiful coastline of Fife and head to Edinburgh..............


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