Rye Golf Club dominates!

Last week's delivery was dominated by golf and cricket........

We were able to fulfil the first part of a large order from the prestigious Rye Golf Club (another 18 belts are landing in the UK today as I write this). 

Although a long journey for me, it was great to take them down to Rye personally and meet Matthew the professional. It was nice to be able to thank him personally as he sent an email to all the members about the Rye Golf Club belt and received a fantastic response.

We were thus able to make bespoke belts, right down to half an inch!

We also fulfilled an order of 16 belts from the outgoing president of the Stragglers of Asia Cricket Club, to all the committee and senior members. This is one of he most historic of amateur cricket clubs  and we were honoured and excited to take this order.

You may see from the photo that the Royal Yacht Squadron belts are still being ordered - we now have a remarkable percentage of members who have a belt!

Other belts in the photo include:

Old Stoics

Royal Company of Archers

Hawks' Club

Lloyds Golf Club

South Oxfordshire Amateurs Cricket Club

Sou'Westers Cricket Club

Queen's Royal Irish Hussars

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