Photo shoot

Last weekend saw Manyatta's inaugural photo shoot - we felt it was long overdue and hopefully portrays us as we feel is befitting.

I think it may be a little while until we see the results (we are conscious that editing takes a while) but our thanks go to:

- Charlie Sawyer, the photographer, for his professional approach to the day, including refusing a drink until nearly 9pm, after what must have been a 15 hour day for him!

- Stowe School for allowing us to film there for free. Yes, one of us is an Old Stoic but we still really appreciate it.

- The 3 models, Kitty, Charlotte and Jordan for being so professional and easy to work with.

- Jamie for bringing his Porsche and being around all day!

- Ben for allowing us to party in his house until 3am!

- many friends for pitching up to the party afterwards.........

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