Cirencester Park Polo Club Manyatta belt

The sport of polo has long been popular in Kenya (author note: I used to live next to the Manyatta Polo Club between Naivasha and Nakuru - part inspiration for the name of the company!).

Polo merchandising and accessories have long been dominated by a certain south American country - understandable as it is one of the world centres of polo and they produce good products.

We are delighted to launch our first high profile polo belt - the Cirencester Park Polo Club Maasai beaded belt.

Approved by the club in their colours of purple, gold and white, we have created 2 belts - one diagonal and one horizontal.

The horizontal (or 'regimental') beaded belt celebrates the strong links between the British Army and polo, as it is designed in the style of an army stable belt.

Each belt takes around 2-3 days to hand bead in Kenya, highlighting the incredible talent of our beaders.

We are thrilled by the support of Cirencester Park, one of the UK's great polo clubs and we look forward to visiting soon and seeing the members proudly sporting their Manyatta Cirencester Park belts!

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