One of our Maasai 'factories'........

This photo was taken on our recent visit to Kenya - we were taken to meet a group of Maasai women In Kiserian who are just one of several groups who bead for us.

We had just hit the rainy season, hence the dark clouds and it was surprisingly cool, but this, of course, was vital for the Maasai. Rain is life and without it, they can struggle.

We were welcomed warmly, songs were sung and prayers were said. A lady (sorry I forget her name), translated from Maa into English and Kiswahili.

We were told that Manyatta is the only source of income for these mamas and they have, by Western standards, such hard lives. Looking after the cattle and goats as well as their own children, walking miles to collect water, keeping the home going......

We are very proud of getting the vast majority of belts to our customers in the stated time but I hope you can understand why just occasionally this is a logistical challenge.

Our thanks to these beaders and many others for their skill, dedication and time.

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