Old Bradfieldians

If there is one school that has stood out over the last few months, it has to be Bradfield College. 

For Manyatta, it would appear that the stars were aligned during The Cricketer Cup - although strictly neutral sponsors (!), it was so pleasing to see so many Waifs belts at the final and that those wearers were able to enjoy a thumping victory over one of the most famous sports schools in the world.

Then there is the Old Bradfieldian Golfing Society - not only do we continue to receive orders from their members but they even put up an OBGS Manyatta belt as the prize in competitions. Generous and, even though I would say this, a great idea!

So now we can proudly introduce the Old Bradfieldian belt, live on the website - we do hope this is well received and look forward to hearing from Old Bradfieldians interested in purchasing. 

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