Old Amplefordian Cricket Club - congratulations!

We were commissioned for this Maasai beaded belt partly because it was the 70th anniversary of the Old Amplefordian Cricket Club's Southern Tour.

The OACC is the name of the old boys' cricket team of Ampleforth College, the famous public school in Yorkshire founded by Benedictine monks.

Cricket is probably my greatest passion and so I have a particular interest in helping to design and create for cricket clubs. 

This new belt perfectly compliments the ones already created for the Eton Ramblers, Harrow Wanderers, Flashmen Cricket Club, Radley Rangers, I Zingari.......the list is longer than this!

We wish the Old Amplefordian Cricket Club the best of luck for their remaining matches this season.

The old cricket club tie is not a tie at all. It's a Manyatta belt.



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