Although much of our work is designing for and selling to clubs, schools and regiments, we love our range of traditional Maasai belts.

They are authentic and stunning patterns and (we like to think!) make a perfect present for men and women, old and young.

Wearers of these belts range in age from 7 - 96!

The truth is that, in reality, we use the word 'Maasai' more as an adjective than a noun. 

What I mean is that although some of our beaders are indeed Maasai, the location of our beaders is a melting pot of different tribes and our beaders could be from any one of Luo, Kikuyu, Kamba and so on.

Most urban locations in Kenya are very mixed and many non-Maasai learn how to bead as skilfully as any Maasai.

We think this is even better than solely relying on the Maasai - to bring employment to a city is by far the most important thing, regardless of the heritage of the beader. 


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