Have you double checked the correct size?

Here at Manyatta we completely understand that sometimes mistakes are made with sizing (the founder of the company managed to get the wrong size for his sister-in-law!!).

We have always said and will continue to say that we will replace any bespoke belt for free.

The truth is that is quite expensive for us and also means that the recipient of the belt will have to wait up to 4 weeks for a replacement - this seems a shame, especially if it is a birthday or Christmas present.

So we have slightly changed our confirmation email to include a reminder that even if you have already paid and ordered, it's quite likely not too late to change the size - all you have to do is email info@manyatta.co or phone 07717052692.

If you contact us within around 48 hours, we have a very good chance of changing the size. We cannot guarantee it but definitely worth getting in touch if you have any doubts.

Might as well get it right first time!

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