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It's been a busy time over the last month or so - we have deliveries every week, fresh from Kenya, and in every delivery there are at least 2 or 3 new commissions.

In the next shipment, there are no less than 7 new belts but I cannot reveal yet, as all of them need to be approved by the customer, whether that club is an individual, club, school, regiment or association.

So to summarise this last month or 2, we have created many rugby belts and the highlight has to be the incredible support afforded by the Quins Supporters Association, Harlequins itself and their kit supplier, Castore.

We have also created for another Eton house, Farrer, and the Old Canfordians were wearing their Manyatta belts at the recent Halford Hewitt schools golf tournament. 

One of the most interesting commissions was for the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, one of the four Inns of Court and barristers' organisation. We hope they prove popular with both current and retired legal practitioners.

As I write this, we are waiting for approval from around 10 organisations. Hopefully they will all be granted but I don't like to jinx anything!

Meanwhile in Kenya, the team have been working so hard, either fulfilling firm orders or creating endless samples for the new commissions.

Recent rains in Kenya have been well-received but not so much the political demonstrations, making bead buying in particular rather challenging, to say the least!

Our huge thanks, as ever, go to these people who produce such fine belts and also to our customers, who keep the Kenyan team in regular employment.




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