Domain migration!

When Manyatta was founded, the only relevant domain name available was

Although this has certainly served us well, we have always wanted to acquire a better domain.

We were not hopeful but we managed to track down the owners of

To cut a long story short, Adrian and Natalia, the directors of the company owning this name, showed incredible generosity to sell to us at a relatively cheap price. When they discovered that we were a company empowering the Maasai of Kenya and creating employment, Adrian said that he 'did not want to stand in our way.'

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to these 2 people - in the long run this could be so beneficial for us.

Migration to a new domain name is a laborious and expensive task which may involve some disruption to our online services. Thus we are not rushing in to it but likely to commence the switch in early January, when the Christmas rush is over. 

This potentially could be the most exciting development since Manyatta was created!


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