Can you spot your order?

We recently announced that waiting times for bespoke belts are down to 2-3 weeks.

We've come a long way since it was 12 weeks, then 8, then 6, then 4!

The team in Kenya managed to produce 78 belts and 3 bespoke dog collars in 2 weeks - a cracking effort.

Can you see your order here or maybe see one that looks familiar to your club, school or regiment?

We don't like to list the belt unless we have official approval but some of the institutions in this batch we can name are:

- Bradfield Waifs

- The Royal Company of Archers

 - Old Wellingtonians

- Old Etonians

- The Queen's Royal Lancers

- Old Shirburnians

- Old Radleians

- Foot Guards

- Old Oundelians

- Elizabethan Boat Club

- The London Solicitors Golfing Society

- Royal Marines

- Buck's Club

- Queen's Royal Hussars

There are more but in the meantime maybe you can identify in this photo a club, school or regiment, as yet unnamed, that we have been commissioned to create?


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