Armadillos Cricket Club

Continuing the cricket theme (and making no apologies for this!), we are delighted to announce our officially approved Armadillos belt.

The Armadillos is a prestigious and historic club. Formerly nomadic, it has now settled into a permanent home at Sheffield Park in Sussex.

I hesitate to describe the colours - I shall let the bigwigs of the club do that! - but I do know that it looks super on a Maasai belt!

Our huge thanks go in particular to Colin H-H, a stalwart of the Armadillos and the chap who originally commissioned the club Manyatta belt. He was unceasingly helpful and patient throughout the design process!

Please do note, whatever your club, whatever your sport or activity, you will be finer and smarter with a Manyatta Maasai belt!

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