2020 - a year like no other (part 1). 29/12/20

It's been too long since either of us has written a blog so I thought it was a good idea to write a summary of the year.

I'll write in 3 parts - leading up to the launch of our new website is the first part......

I was still working as a teacher in January and I remember anxious children asking about Covid. I assured them it was nothing to worry about. Well, to say I was proved wrong was a bit of an understatement.

Manyatta was progressing well but we knew the business needed a kickstart - we had received feedback that the website was becoming a little outdated and we needed a refresh, with a contemporary edge.

We felt that the quality of the belts was not being matched with the amount of sales they deserved - consciously or subconsciously, a website can have a huge impact.

We decided to 'go for it' and Alex, a friend of Theo's, began work on the website.

While the new website was being constructed, we decided to advertise on Radio H-P. We had been recommended this platform several times and two members kindly agreed to act as a referees, since it is a private organisation.

The effect was immediate and fairly remarkable - we had requests for London clubs, army regiments - Blues and Royals, Dragoons, Foot Guards, Hussars and many others - as well as new 'Old School belt' commissions including Radley, Ampleforth, Milton Abbey and Eton. 

Radio H-P gave us the lift we needed and not just because the first lockdown had begun.

It opened us up to a whole new community of appreciative customers and more and more commissions came in, either directly because of Radio H-P or indirectly. 

This coincided well with the launch of our new website at the beginning of May.....

Part 2 to follow soon.........!


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