2020 - 3rd and final part (31.12.20)

So we moved into Autumn and the Christmas season. 

Before I forget, I need to make special mentions of the following: Adrian and Anne at the Old Shirburnians, Caroline at the Old Radleians, Jamie at the Old Gregorians, Tracey at the Old Rugbeians. Jackie at the Old Etonians and Jane at the Old Haileyburians. 

I could mention others as well but the above have actively gone out of their way to support the belts of their respective schools and for that we are truly grateful. 

The number of old school and regimental belts available on the website increased, going into October and November, and we added to that two Livery Companies - The Worshipful Companies of Clockmakers and Cutlers. Again, thanks to Joanna at the Clockmakers and Rupert at the Cutlers for their tremendous support. 

Possibly the biggest achievement was when we sold our 100th Royal St George's belt - a bit of a champagne moment!

Our suppliers in Kenya rose magnificently to the inevitable amount of increased Christmas-related sales and we would like to thanks them for their tireless efforts.

In return, they would like to pass on their thanks to all Manyatta customers - they have derived an income they would not necessarily have otherwise received.

We were even able to give them a Christmas bonus - photo attached!

Theo and I would like to add our personal thanks to all our customers - we are very fortunate that they are overwhelmingly charming, polite and understanding to deal with.

We would also like to thank James, a financial whiz who recently gave us much of his time free of charge to help up with the important area of cash flows and budgets forecasts for 2021.

The truth is that we are still very much in the development stage of our business and although we have every reason to be confident and optimistic going into 2021, we still welcome new commissions from any association, club, regiment or school, no matter how big or small.

For most of us, 2020 has ended with a whimper rather than a bang, but here's hoping for a return to normal as soon as possible. I want to get to Lord's and Theo is desperately hoping for anything equine to properly resume!

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